How to check who follows you on Facebook

The entire Facebook Follow phenomenon is marginally creepy if you don’t keep a vigilant eye, as people who aren’t your friends on Facebook can tail you and see what you post. In the event that you have enabled people to ‘follow’ you on Facebook, your friends will naturally follow you however you can let people… Read More »

How to create a poll on Facebook

Do you want to discover how to create a poll on Facebook for your friends or Facebook followers? You don’t require a site, only a crowd of people and a request. Check our tips and you will be able to create a poll on Facebook in little or no time. Select a Poll Creator You… Read More »

How to view pokes on Facebook apps

Do you know what? Am very happy that I have the capacity to see the home page of my Facebook profile, for like two months, I was not able to view the home page, each time I attempt I get an unclear responses such as; sad, something turned out badly right now and we are… Read More »

How to recover lost Facebook account

Did you lost your password and you’re unable to sign in? Or your account hacked? Don’t worry; you are not the only one! Many people send us with diverse inquiries almost every day. Luckily, Facebook offers a few computerized approaches to recover your account. Regardless of whether you lost your password or unable to sign… Read More »

Facebook logout: How to logout of a Facebook account

It is advisable to log out of a Facebook account after browsing. Do you know that if you do not sign out of your Facebook account; it’s possible for another person to log in and post something you don’t like on your wall! It’s important that you generally log out of a Facebook session if… Read More »

How to create a Facebook event

If you use the Facebook application on your iPhone or iPad, you can without stress create occasions for parties and social affairs, no PC required. Interestingly Facebook has chosen to some degree cover the part, which has left many people scratching their heads. In case you’re one of the ones who couldn’t discover it, take… Read More »

How to backup Facebook data

Assuming you’ve shared a great number of photographs and data about your life on Facebook throughout the years, it’s a smart thought to download a backup of all your Facebook information. That way, you’ll have your own copy of all your photographs in a single folder, which you can store on a CD, DVD or… Read More »

How to retrieve Facebook deleted messages

Are you thinking of your Facebook deleted messages? Are you thinking on how to retrieve those messages you’ve deleted on Facebook messenger? Facebook Messenger can be the most broadly adopted application that Android users use to get in contact with their closest friends, even associates, manager, and so forth. As a Facebook Messenger users, you… Read More »