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By | November 10, 2017

Planning an event? Here is how facebook event functionality could make your life a lot easier.

Create an Event

How to create an event for your Page

Click Create an event at the top of your Page’s timeline.
Add an event photo, then enter your event’s name, location and frequency (example: occurs once, weekly or you can customize the date range for your event). You can include optional details like:

Ticket URL: If you’ve set up the event with an online ticketing provider, enter the link.
Co-hosts: You can add other Pages (example: promoters, venues, artists) and friends as co-hosts, but only Pages will be displayed as co-hosts on the event page. Co-hosts can edit the event and add it to their calendars. Learn more about adding co-hosts below.

Click Publish. You can also click  and select Save Draft or Schedule to save a draft of your event or select a date and time in the future for when you want your event to publish.
Keep in mind that all events hosted by Pages are public. You can also add other people’s or Page’s public events to your Page. Learn more best practices for creating an event.

Add Co-Hosts to Your Event

When you add a friend or a Facebook Page that you don’t manage as a co-host to your event:
FB Pages that you don’t manage will receive a notification when you add them as a co-host to an event. The Facebook Page admin will need to click Accept or Decline to be shown as a co-host of the event on the event page.

Friends you invite to co-host your event won’t be sent a request and will automatically become admins of your event if they RSVP as Interested or Going. Friends won’t be shown as co-hosts of the event on the event page but can still edit the event.
Pages that haven’t yet accepted your co-host request will be shown as pending only to other co-hosts of the event.
Only co-hosts of the event will see when a Page declines a co-host request.

Edit an Event

How to edit an event for your Page

  • Click Events on the left side of your Page.
  • Click the name of the event you want to edit.
  • Click Edit.
  • Edit the event, then click Save.

Note: You can add or remove co-hosts, but once an event has been created by a Page, the Facebook Page is the primary host and can’t be removed.

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