Facebook logout: How to logout of a Facebook account

By | March 23, 2018

It is advisable to log out of a Facebook account after browsing. Do you know that if you do not sign out of your Facebook account; it’s possible for another person to log in and post something you don’t like on your wall! It’s important that you generally log out of a Facebook session if there’s an opportunity of another person utilizing that PC or mobile phone after you’re done using it.

Logging out of a Facebook account can show your level of professionalism. The purpose is to safeguard your account from hackers. Always remember that hackers are everywhere and you need to be extra careful while browsing through your Facebook account.

1 – Log in to Facebook and tap the “button” settings symbol fixed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

2 – Click Settings.

3 – Click the Security interface on the left half of the screen.

4 – Click the Edit interface on the right-hand side of the “Where You’re Logged In” line.

5 – You’ll see a “Present Session” recorded. That is the session you presently signed in on the device you’re using. Some other sessions recorded are dynamic sessions on different devices. Close those different sessions one by one by tapping the End Activity link(s) located on the right.

Close dynamic Facebook sessions using a mobile device:

1 – Log in to Facebook and look towards the bottom of the screen.

2 – Tap the Settings and Privacy interface.

3 – Tap Security.

4 – Tap Active Sessions.

5 – Scroll to the bottom of the screen and search for any recent activities. They’ll be recorded under the present session and start with Last Accessed: Tap the little box to one side of every recent session and afterward tap the Remove Selected button. Follow the above listed steps and logout of your Facebook account easily.


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