How to backup Facebook data

By | March 23, 2018

Assuming you’ve shared a great number of photographs and data about your life on Facebook throughout the years, it’s a smart thought to download a backup of all your Facebook information.

That way, you’ll have your own copy of all your photographs in a single folder, which you can store on a CD, DVD or any PC. So if Facebook crash and consumes, all your personal pictures won’t be deleted.

The social media has received many approaches to see and store your record information previously. Let’s examine where to find the Facebook backup link

The personal backup is available in a few places. The most suitable place to discover is in the general settings.

Sign into your Facebook account on a PC – either a tablet or desktop. Search for the small button in the upper right corner of any page, and click “SETTINGS” close to the bottom. That will take you to the “general settings” page. At the bottom of the page you’ll see a sign that says “Download a copy of your Facebook information”

Click that and another page that says, “Download your data, Get a duplicate of what you’ve shared on Facebook,” will show up. Click the green button “begin my file” tap to download your Facebook information.

It will then show you a popup box requesting that you affirm what you need to create a file, so you need to click another “begin my backup” button, this one  is blue.

Next thing is that, Facebook will request that you check your info again before giving you a chance to download the record it creates.

Now, Facebook will begin setting up your own backup as a download document. It will show you a message for email confirmation.

Click on the Email Link

Within few minutes, you’ll get an email with a signal to download the backup.

The system will take you back to Facebook, where you will be asked once again to reenter your Facebook. When you do that, it will offer you the chance to save the document as a compressed (compacted) data on your PC. Simply click on the folder you need to store it in, and Facebook will drop a file on your drive.

Open the file and you’ll see one file named “list.” Double tap on the “file” document, which is an essential HTML site page that connects to the various files you downloaded.backup facebook data

Finally, you can discover your photographs in a package called photographs. Every collection has its own particular folder. You’ll see the photographs documents are genuinely small, Facebook packs the photographs you transfer, so the quality isn’t comparable to when you transferred them. They’re advanced for appearing on PC screens.

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