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By | March 23, 2018

I began a Facebook page for my business many years back. I have thousands of naira running advertisement and checking likes. But I later realize that changing my Facebook page name have a lot to boost the image of my business. Note that if you have a good Facebook page name, it can boost the image of your business while a bad Facebook page name can hinder the growth of your business. Choose wisely.

Here are the guidelines on Facebook to change your page name.

  • You’ll need to be an administrator to ask for a change to your Page’s name.
  • Click on the left half of your Page
  • Click Edit Page Info
  • Enter another Page name and click Save Changes
  • Survey your request and click Request Change

Do you know that I once experience the same issues that many people face today while changing Facebook name. Each time I asked for another name, it would be rejected. After 3 times I choose to contact my system of experts and even they did not know what to do. Facebook make it technical to change your page name; the reason is best known to them. I later undergo Google search and I discovered a wide range of information on the online.

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The Truth must be reveal, for those of us with more than 200 ‘preferences’, changing your Facebook Page name isn’t a simple task. The Facebook Help Center doesn’t give much help either, with the main response to changing your name, well you can’t. This is obviously a major issue for firms that have invested energy and time building their fan base.

Finally, changing your Facebook page name typically requires approval from Facebook before it can yield results. Your request might be denied if the proposed new name is not fully close to the present name or abuses any of their page rules. If your Facebook page has not been use, the most glaring thing might be to create another page with the new name. Nonetheless, this is never a recommendation for dynamic pages with a lot of services and commitment.

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