How to check who follows you on Facebook

By | March 23, 2018

The entire Facebook Follow phenomenon is marginally creepy if you don’t keep a vigilant eye, as people who aren’t your friends on Facebook can tail you and see what you post. In the event that you have enabled people to ‘follow’ you on Facebook, your friends will naturally follow you however you can let people who aren’t your friends still do as such.

In the event that you have enabled people to follow you, you can see who follow after by checking your lists of fans. Now, let’s have a look at how to check who follows you on Facebook.

  • Go to your Facebook profile, click ‘friends’ in the button below the cover pics and after that tap Followers.

Don’t forget that someone who added you as a Friend, regardless of whether you reject or delete the friend request will naturally be following you.

Check people who follow you on Facebook with these additional simple steps

  • You can change your profile settings so you can have com friends and fans on Facebook.
  • Tap the button point down on your profile in the upper right corner and select Settings choice.

You would then be able to determine much further about whether the people who follow you and are not your friends can post remarks, warnings or if they can approach your open profile.

In a nutshell, you can follow people and pages on Facebook, and people who aren’t your friend can follow you regardless of whether you disregard their friend request. If you follow somebody who isn’t your friend, you can see their posts in your News Feed.

So individuals who follow you can detect what you post freely yet might not visit your profile data or comment on your posts.

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