How to retrieve Facebook deleted messages

By | March 23, 2018

Are you thinking of your Facebook deleted messages? Are you thinking on how to retrieve those messages you’ve deleted on Facebook messenger? Facebook Messenger can be the most broadly adopted application that Android users use to get in contact with their closest friends, even associates, manager, and so forth. As a Facebook Messenger users, you save messages which are connected with your points of interest, work, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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How to retrieve Facebook deleted Messages

In many cases, consider the possibility that you lose these messages. Fortunately, if you have proceeded and recorded conversations in your phone, you can retrieve deleted Facebook Messenger messages from Android. What you require is ES File Explorer application and file of messages in your Android phone. At that point you can begin retrieving messages by following the process below.

Stage 1

Run ES File Explorer

Open ES File Explorer application on your Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S6. Go to Storage/SD card > Android > information.

ES File Explorer Android

Stage 2

Retrieve Facebook Messenger Messages from Android

Look at the bottom of the file page and discover the file “com.facebook.orca”. Tap this box. In the following page, pick “reserve” > “fb_temp”. All Facebook Messenger messages are put away in this file. You can retrieve messages with any of them.

It is advisable to learn how to retrieve your deleted messages on Facebook. There may be some vital information you mistakenly deleted and feel like retrieving back. You need to understand how the retrieving process works. The steps are very simple, so far you’re ready to follow the above listed guidelines. Take a faithful step of faith today and retrieve your deleted Facebook messages. Don’t lose hope; you can have those messages back in full.

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