How to view pokes on Facebook apps

By | March 23, 2018

Do you know what? Am very happy that I have the capacity to see the home page of my Facebook profile, for like two months, I was not able to view the home page, each time I attempt I get an unclear responses such as; sad, something turned out badly right now and we are planning to settle it. If you are a true follower of Facebook apps, you will discover it is very easy to view pokes on Facebook apps.

Facebook Pokes

I understand that Facebook has changed the pokes option on the Facebook home page; likewise visitors need to look down to the end of the page before they can see pokes.

Initially, the Facebook poke warning used to be at the top segment of the home page before birthday notices but now the case is different.

In case you find it difficult to consider how you can see late pokes on your Facebook profile account? Check the steps below.

  • At the point when logged to the home page segment of your Facebook account
  • Look down especially to the end of the page where you will discover the bookmarks area
  • Find and tap on Pokes, you will be taken to the pokes warning page where visitors that poke you will be shown. You can either delete, or poke back, the decision is yours.

view facebook pokes

From the above illustration, is very clear that viewing pokes on Facebook is as simple as browsing through your phones to see who message you or who visit any of your social networking sites. Viewing pokes on Facebook app is very essential to know who is interested to know more about you and to discover people that have check on your profile or page. If you’ve not poke someone on your Facebook app before, take a bold step today and do so.

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