Facebook countdown clock: Xmas Count down Clock

Facebook Countdown Clock can assist maintain other individuals aware of an event — if you’re aiming to obtain your buddies thrilled about an event or journey, a countdown clock is the answer. While Facebook doesn’t have a native countdown clock for you to set up, plenty of third-party developers have produced countdown apps that incorporate… Read More »

Delete facebook activity log

How to delete your facebook activity log in 2017: Everytime you search for a person or event on Facebook, the searched keywords is logged into your account and can be viewed later. Most people are not proud of the things they search on FB. Here is where this guide becomes helpful. Below is how to clear… Read More »

How to change Facebook page name fast

Here is how to change your Facebook Page name in 2017.  The good news is you can – probably. This is better than a few years ago, when the answer was never, no way, not for any reason. Now it’s quite easy to change your Fan Page name. But – Facebook will have to approve your name… Read More »

Go Live on Facebook | Facebook Live

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download facebook lite | FB lite APK

how to download facebook lite | FB App APK: This particular Facebook app will help you in browsing Facebook faster especially in a slow internet areas.  Even if you have a strong network signal for accessing your Facebook, you may still want to reduce the data cost by your mobile carrier. Facebook lite app gives you the basic Facebook experience… Read More »

How to Temporarily Disable My Facebook Account Right Now

How to Temporarily Disable My Facebook Account Right Now: Facebook is undoubtedly an amazing social media platform for chatting, marketing, keeping in touch with family and friends and so on. However, we know there are two faces of a coin, with all the fun on Facebook there comes a time when you have an interview… Read More »

How to Change Facebook News Feed Settings

How to Change Facebook News Feed Settings: Recently, Facebook has really gone a long way by changing how its news feed settings appear so users choose from one of the two options available either:  “Program posts from friends and Pages you communicate with the most” or from “all friends and Pages.” See: Login to Facebook Google… Read More »

How Can I Reactivate My Deactivated Facebook Account?

How Can I Reactivate My Deactivated Facebook Account? – No matter how determined you are to quit your Facebook account, eventually, the fond memories of your Facebook good friends, the likes, shares and comments, the smile on your face when you scroll through your timeline, all these will begin to haunt you, and you will yearn to… Read More »